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Conversation Starters

August 10, 2021 Dr. David & Theresa Mabry Episode 19
One Another Marriage
Conversation Starters
Show Notes

In this episode, Dr. David and Theresa Mabry offer several Conversation Starters for you and your partner. Use these to build intimacy in your relationship. Set aside a good time and place to walk through a few or all of these questions. Here are the questions for this week.

Do you feel you can count on each other to follow through on things? Why or why not?
If lack of follow-through is an issue, have you discussed it? Can you share some specific examples?
Why do you think follow-through is important in relationships?
Is follow-through related to other values that are important to you and your partner?

What were the spending habits of your family growing up? What are they like now?
Are your spending philosophies similar or different?
What factors influence how you spend money?
If there is no change in your spending habits, where will you be in 15-20 years?

Are you satisfied with the level of affection in your relationship? Why or why not?
Do you know how your partner prefers to give and receive affection?
Do you ever feel that sex or affection is "used unfairly" in your relationship? What is your definition of "unfair," and how does this impact your relationship?

How do you feel about conflict? Does this differ from your partner's view about conflict?
What could you both do to resolve a conflict rather than avoid it?
How was conflict handled in your family growing up? Does this have an effect on how you handle it today?

Do your partner's activities interfere with your time together?
Have you discussed your concerns with your partner? How have they responded?
Do you feel a need to spend more time together than you are presently spending?
How can you both contribute to resolving this issue?

How do you share your feelings with your partner?
How do you respond when your partner is sharing their feelings?
How often do you take time to share your feelings or listen to your partner?
How do you let your partner know that you understand how they feel?

The questions in this episode come from the Prepare-Enrich Conversation Cards. You can find out more at

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